Caters for 12 children with three Early Childhood Educators

Our experienced Childhood educators provide a nurturing  learning environment that is stimulating, fun and challenging, allowing all the babies to actively participate in the world around them. We recognise the importance of building trusting relationships and providing an environment that is comforting, secure and full of warmth to enable them to learn.

The routines and programs are flexible are tailored to match your home routine as much as possible to  ensure your Childs individual needs are met and their developmental achievements recognised.

The aim in the nursery is to provide a caring, nurturing and homely environment with lots of hugs and cuddles giving our babies a sense of wellbeing, becoming and belonging.

Toddler room

Caters for 12 children with three Early Childhood Educators.

Our Early childhood educators recognise the unique developmental stage of your two year old and help them find their own place in the world

Through play experiences our educators provide your child with the opportunity to learn and explore. Experiences and play spaces are based on the current interest and strengths of your child.

We embrace the thirst for independence and growth, allowing children to direct many of the experiences and activities for themselves.

Our aim is to help foster social interactions; language, co-operation and shelf help skills.

Pre – Kinder Room

Caters for 22 children with two Qualified Early Childhood educator

Children strengths and interests provide the foundation for a learning environment that is stimulating and challenging.

Our early childhood educators provides activities and experiences based on the individual needs and interests of each child. The children will be involved participants and decision makers who experience learning that is engaging and enjoyable.

Your three year old will build on their social skills, form friendships, learn to cooperate and share, expand on speech and language, interact and explore their own environment

It is our aim for each child is to try new things and have fun on the journey of becoming a confident learner ready to tackle the experiences and challenges e of the Kinder Room. 




We warmly welcome you and your child to our kindergarten.

We operate a Funded Kindergarten Program. A major focus is social awareness and building independence skills. We constantly encourage children’s independence and self-help skills. A play based curriculum gives children daily opportunities to direct their learning through choosing experiences that are relevant and meaningful. The program increases their school readiness through consolidating basic literacy and numeracy skills as well as promoting their social skills and embedding the importance of showing respect for each other. This builds the foundations for lifelong learning.

It is during the early years of life that children form attitudes about themselves, others, learning and the environment.  To give children the best start in life it is important to maximise a child’s potential for learning and development.  We understand that a quality kindergarten program provides young children with a strong foundation that will make all formal education more effective.  Although what children learn is extremely important it is their attitude to living and learning which lasts a lifetime, so our aim is to develop the positive view that learning is and can be exciting and fun.

A parent information handbook is provided to you upon enrolment giving you some insight into why we do what we do and how that benefits your child.